SynnÝve Nordkap Lodge #1-008


Kubb is a Viking game played by throwing sticks and blocks of wood. Though very old, it is gaining in popularity as a lawn game in Western Europe and the US. There are several variations of this game, one of which seems to make it especially interesting, as the towers made of field kubbs add greatly to the competition of the game. There are links to the rules of the game and some web sites below, as well as some directions for making your own game if you wish.

Rules of Kubb
We use the "Tower" rule given in the last paragraph. To build a tower, the thrown Kubb must knock down at least one Field Kubb in the opponent's half of the field. The new tower is then formed at the site of the first Field Kubb that was knocked down, and looks like a "T" with extra crosspieces on top, much like a squarish telephone pole with more than one crosspiece.
The Wikipedia site on Kubb, which has interesting historical background and many other links on the Internet.
Directions for making the game yourself
One of our members has made several Kubb games, and provided the directions.

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