SynnÝve Nordkap Lodge #1-008

General Information, News, and Links

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Official gateway to public services and information in Norway (new 2004).

Government site with extensive information about Norwegian society (new 2004).
Excellent guide to Norway by Royal Norwegian Embassy; extensive links.

The Norway Post
Online newspaper, a "Doorway to Norway"; extensive links. is an excellent site for general information on Norway.
Excellent online world encyclopedia; pick any country and get general information.

Facts About Norway
Just a couple of pages of quick facts about Norway., a Texas Norske
Gus Stangland's long-standing Sons of Norway site makes a fine model; good links.

Encarta pages on Norway
Very well organized; easily used online encyclopedia articles about Norway.

The Nordic Pages
Excellent links to many facets of each one of the eight Nordic countries.
Well organized, excellent links.
Excellent links to many facets of Norway and its people.

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