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Genealogy Links

The links below in the large yellow table (scroll down) are available to anyone who is interested in genealogical research. The intent of this page is to serve as a starting point for this research for our lodge members and others.

Our lodge also has a Genealogy Group which lodge members are welcome to join. Our meetings are announced in the lodge newsletter in the calendar and are open to all. Perhaps you would be interested in reading about how genealogical research has affected some of our members by reading some of their Genealogy Tales.

We keep a list on the private page (Password required) of members in the Genealogy Group containing their contact information and other details pertinent to genealogical research, such as family names and areas of expertise. There are also minutes of our meetings on the private page.

The password to access our private genealogy page may be obtained if you are a lodge member by attending one of our meetings and joining our group, or by sending an email to Synnove-Nordkap e-mail stating your interest, contact information, and family information.

Left click on either the picture or the description to go to the site. (If the pictures are loading slowly, you can just click the description to go there.)
The Norwegian-American Genealogical Association

The Minnesota Genealogical Society
The current Digitalarkivet

The original version of Digitalarkivet, Norway's digital archive site, now stagnant, containing Census records orior to 1910, Church records, Emigration (ship) records, etc.
Online Norwegian/American Dictionary + other links and information. Makes a very good pairing with Digitalarkivet, which is all in Norwegian after you drill down to the actual records.

Tips on using (old version) Digital Arkivet from the rootsweb site.
49,200 links to census record online and growing.

National Genealogical Society hints on using (older) Digitalarkivet.
Fred Matson's website summarizing his research, and an excellent example of geanealogical research by a member of our lodge.
Fred Matson's external links page from his website. There are some very good genealogy links here.
National Archives Genealogy page
This excellent page contains links to a remarkable amount of information, tools, and sites of interest to the genealogist. It makes a good starting place for beginning genealogy researcher.

The one-stop beginners guide to genealogy. It contains good beginner information and excellent links to some sites not commonly referenced.
Passenger lists and emmigrant ships from Norway Heritage, with links to articles for newbies to genealogy, help using the site, and many general links as well.

Family Search, the LDS website
One of the best free sites to begin your search for family records, based in Salt Lake City.
Minnesota Historical Society
Genealogy page, containing many interesting links to sites in Minnesota of interest to genealogists.

MNHS: This is the new version for finding birth and death certificates on the Minnesota Historical Society website. They have added other indexes to the site.
allows one to search and view the boundaries of the parishes in Norway. It also contains a farm search tool.
Enter a surname for your family and the site will show the distribution of people with that surname around the world both on a map and on a chart. There are links to genealogical information for people with the selected surname.
Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
The most complete guide to bygdelags on the Internet.

NAHA Genealogy Resources
Genealogy research tools from the Norwegian American Historical Association.
Cyndi's List
Excellent site, with links to genealogy, government, history, culture, language, maps, newspapers, etc. for each Nordic country.
Another genealogy site with fine general links too. Check out the links to Norwegian-American web sites and to food and recipes! Genealogists, try just for the main site.
NorwayList; Genealogy orientation, but also contains excellent links of many kinds.
100 years of ships from Norway, plus interesting links
Norwegian Emigration Center
Another excellent site

Recently opened link to records of nearly 23 million American immigrants entering through Ellis Island and the Port of New York 1892-1924.
A remarkably detailed interactive & zoomable map of Norway

Norway Research Guide from the LDS Family Search (Wiki) website.
An excellent place to begin learning Norwegian genealogy tools.
Library Archives Canada
Genealogy and Family History.

UND Bygdeboker Collection
Does not lend, but best way to find availability and Library of Congress call number.
Does lend. Find the author's names at UND (previous link), then search. (Dewey Decimal System)

St. Olaf College Libraries
Does lend. Find the author's names at UND (previous link), then search. (Library of Congress call number)
Bureau of Land Management
Department of the Interior General Land Office Records. Links to farm records, family maps, etc.

Minnesota Official Marriage System. Links to marriage certificate records by county.
Linkpendium contains a wealth of genealogical information including access to plat maps. It provides information at the county level.

Linkpendium Genealogy Links.
Links to surnames and to genealogical resources state by state.
The Promise of America
Excellent collaborative effort site is back on the air again!

Legacy Family Tree, one of a large number of geanealogy programs for your PC, and one that you can try free of charge.
Home Advisor Guide to Genealogy
Good starting guide with some very good links.

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Genealogy by Mark Orwig: new and very complete. I like it better than the guide to the left.
Find a Grave

Cemetaries in Norway.

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