SynnÝve Nordkap Lodge #1-008

The Museum Exhibit at Landmark Center in St. Paul closed on June 20, 2013. Yes, you missed it at Landmark, but it is scheduled through September, 2016 at other stops in Minnesota and South Dakota. There are still a few slota available in 2016. That schedule and many pictures of the activities in St. Paul, together with (readable) photos of the 20 panels are below.

Map from newsletter
To see pictures of the 20 panels, click here: 20 Panels
To see the schedule of past and future stops, click here: Touring schedule
To see the exhibit atn Winona, MN, click here: Winona
To see the exhibit in Rochester, MN, click here: Rochester
To see the exhibit in its first stop in Alexandria, MN, click here: Alexandria
To see pictures of the artifacts used in St. Paul, click here: Artifacts
To see pictures of the St. Paul cultural events and demonstrations, click here: Events
To see pictures of the Gala Opening on February 28, click here: Gala Opening. This day went wonderfully, showing the fine work that the committee put in over a very long time. Special thanks for the success of this day belong to Ron and Susan Stow.
To get move information on Landmark Center, including location and hours, click here: Landmark website
To see the press announcement, click the following link: News Release
To see the schedule of events, click the following link: Events
To see a more colorful poster-style schedule of events, click the following link: Events poster
To see a similar colorful poster-style schedule of events from the Ramsey County Historical Society, click the following link: RCHS flyer
To see the Central Library's flyer for Candace Simar's talk on March 3, click the following link: Simar flyer
To see the last panel, with credits to the many contributors, click the following link: End poster

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