Synnøve Nordkap Lodge #1-008

New Land, New Life: Norwegian Immigration in Minnesota, 1825-1925
Gala Opening at Landmark Center on February 28, 2013

We thank lodge member Lenore Jesness and Norsota lodge and NAGA member Mike Wick for their contributions to these pictures. Left click on either the picture or the description to go to the site. (If the thumbnails are loading slowly, you can just click the description to go there.)

Landmark Center

(Partial) Museum Committee: Leif Erickson, Ron Stow, Jeane Pearson Susan Stow, Ruth Gibson, Ron Kvaas, Lenore Jesness, Joanne Englund
Not pictured: Sasha Aslanian, Betty Bergland, Don Halvorson, Rod Hale, Lowell Johnson, Odd Lovoll, Mollie Spillman, Kathy Stevens

Maf Berg, Susan Stow, Jana Velo Stow

Lodge Fana (banner) showing Saint Synnøve and Nordkap (North Cape)

Ron Stow, Master of Ceremonies

(Partial) Crowd at Opening Ceremony

Jeane Pearson, Exhibit Idea Originator

Mollie Spillman, Curator/Archivist RCHS (at Landmark)

Jackie Henry, Administrative Director of NAHA

(Partial) Crowd at Opening Ceremony

Pastor Kristin Sundt, Mindekirken, the Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church

Cindy Olson, Foundation Director, Sons of Norway

Greeter Sharon Amann

Joanne and John Nordale at the sign-in table

Mary Beth Mutchler and Maf Berg at the punch bowl

Greeter Sheryl Hove

Jeff Sauve, NAHA Archivist and Jackie Henry with Ruth Gibson

Marilyn Syverson and Doroth Zimmerman (District 1 Youth and Publicity Directors, resp.)

Leif and Linda Erickson and guests

Marilyn Sorensen from Vonheim Lodge and NAGA and her friend

Viewing the exhibits

Viewing the exhibits

Students from Calvin Christian Accademy... (continued on next picture)

...taking notes for a class in Russian and Nordic immigration to Minnesota

Skålmusik from Brainerd performed a Schubert Club concert at noon

View of the large crowd for the concert

Ron and Susan Stow were the only dancers to the fine music

Meanwhile, Jana Velo Stow and Sophie Gardner taught a dance to guests

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