Synnøve Nordkap Lodge #1-008

New Land, New Life: Norwegian Immigration in Minnesota, 1825-1925
Pictures of the Events

We thank lodge member Ron Stow for the majority of these pictures, and for his willingness to manage and coordinate these weekend events. We also thank Mollie Spillman of the Ramsey County Historical Society and Curator/Archivist at Landmark Center, for her help managing these various activities. Left click on either the thumbnail or the description to go to the picture. (If the thumbnails are loading slowly, you can just click the description to go there.)
Thursday, February 28, Noon - 1 PM: Schubert Club Concert, The Landmark Cortile, downtown St. Paul, featuring "Skålmusik" of Brainerd, a 5-piece ensemble in the Cortile.

Introduction by Schubert Club official

Close-up of the band

Ron and Susan Stow dancing to the musik

There was a good crowd for the concert
Sunday, March 3, 2-3 PM: "Author Talk" featuring Candace Simar on Abercrombie Trail, Pomme de Terre, and Birdie, historical novels about Norwegian immigrants at the St. Paul Central Library downtown St. Paul across from Landmark.

Saturday, March 9, 11 AM - 1 PM: Cultural Demos by Lowell Johnson on "Chip Carving" and Dick Enstad on "Wood Turning with Norwegian Lathe" in the RCHS Gallery.

Turnout for Lowell Johnson's chip carving was quite good.

Dick Enstad's wood turning was very interesting.

Saturday, March 23, 11 AM - 1 PM: "The History of Skiing in Norway" by Bruce Engebretson in the RCHS Gallery.

Bruce had a slide show

Various types of skis were shown

and a rather unusual ski pole

and clips from a DVD
Saturday, April 6, 11 AM - 1 PM: Cultural Demos by Sharon Kalmes on "Norwegian Knitting and Sweaters" and Karen Weiberg on "Norwegian Symbols and Skinnfell," and Birkebeiner by Kristi Linder in the RCHS Gallery.

Sharon Kalmes with Norwegian knitting and sweaters

Karen Weiberg explained Norwegian symbols . . .

and skinnfell.

Kristi Linder discussed the Birkebeiner ski race.
Saturday, April 13, 11 AM - 1 PM: Axel Torvi on "Runes" and John and Joanne Nordale on "Genealogy" in the RCHS Gallery.

Axel Torvi discusses runes with an interested audience.

Joanne and John Nordale at the genealogy table.

Joanne with a map of Norwegian districts and municipalities.
Saturday, April 20, 11 AM - 1 PM: LaRee Opdal on Embroidery and Loren Opdahl on Woodcarving, Psalmodikon quartet, and Hardanger Fiddle Ensemble in the RCHS Gallery.

LaRee Opdahl discusses embroidery . . .

with an interested group.

Loren Opdahl discusses embroidery . . .

with an interested audience.

Psalmodikon quartet and audience.

An interested student learns more.

Twin Cities Hardingfelelag and audience.

Hardanger fiddle solo Rachel Ulvin.
Saturday, April 27, 11 AM - 1 PM: Norwegian Language by Sheryl Hove in the RCHS Gallery.

Sheryl Hove

Kids learning the names of the fingers in Norwegian.
Peer Gynt Dancers--St. Paul Sons of Norway Jr. Lodge and Kids' Norwegian Crafts & Troll Stories + Music in the RCHS Gallery.

Synnove-Nordkap publicity table.

Jeane Pearson with visitors from the St. Cloud Sons of Norway.

Meredith Berg story teller.

Meredith with children and parents.
Framtid Program: Kids and Crafts

Dancer with flag headband.

Small girl with lightning headband.

Kathy Stevens and Lenore Jesness, activity helpers.

Kids and Joanne and Lynn Englund, activity helpers.

Kids and Lauren Pearson, activity helper.

Kids and Sheryl Hove, activity helper.

Kids and Ruth Gibson and Linda Holmstrom, activity helpers.

Kids and Gerry Wunrow, Kirsten Larsten Dunn, Sasha's sister-in-law, and Joanne Englund, activity helpers.
Other activity helpers

Gerry Wunrow and Ron Stow.

Gerry and Rosanna Wunrow and Loki the troll.

Stow's grandkids and Loki.

Sharon Kalmes, her son and grandson.

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