SynnÝve Nordkap Lodge #1-008

New Land, New Life: Norwegian Immigration in Minnesota, 1825-1925
Pictures of the Artifacts

We thank lodge member Lenore Jesness and Norsota lodge and NAGA member Mike Wick for their contributions to these pictures. Left click on either the picture or the description to go to the site. (If the thumbnails are loading slowly, you can just click the description to go there.)

Wedding picture and fur shoes

Wedding dress and picture, bunad, spinning wheel, fur shoes, curry brush

Bunad bodice and solje

Norwegian flag with artifacts

Hardanger fiddle, front

Center display case containing many items

Center display case from psalmodikon side

Center display case from shoe carving tool and miner's candle side

Apron with strikkekrok

Side case with dress, kubbestol, slip, bucket, and many other artifacts

Kubbestol made by Halvor Landsverk

Tvuru (cooking whisk)

Strikkekrok (holds yarn for knitting)

Coffee grinder, porridge pot and rosmal plate

Serving spoon and hot pad

Picture of Hans Langseth with world's longest beard

Pastor's collar

Religious artifacts

Norwegian Bible

Hardanger lace bookmark

Case with Hardanger, books, cards




Wood plane, cards, books, picture

Cookbook, pamphlet, sheet music

Drinking horn and Hardanger emboidery


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