SynnÝve Nordkap Lodge #1-008

Lodge Brochure, Information and History

To see our lodge brochure and find out what we are and are not, click the following link: Brochure
We are in District 1, and our lodge number is 1-008.
Sons of Norway is divided into 8 districts. District 1 was the first district, and cuts a vertical swath through the US from Minnesota down to Texas. There are six other districts in the US and Canada, and the 8th district is Norway itself. We were the 8th lodge founded in District 1, and at 109 years old in 2011, we are one of the oldest lodges overall. See the Sons of Norway website ( for more information on the larger organization and on the other districts and lodges.
A short history of our lodge may be found here. The history shows that the lodge name comes from the joining of the Sons of Norway Nordkap Lodge (Nordkap, or North Cape, is the most northern point in Norway and in all of Europe) with the Daughters of Norway Synnove Lodge (St. Synnove was actually of Irish birth but sainted in Norway around 995 AD). The predecessors of our present lodge were very active in St. Paul in the first half of the 20th century.
For a nice write-up of our more recent activities and accomplishments, click the following link: 16 Years of Progress
In April of 2002, our lodge celebrated its 100th year.
As part of that celebration, Sheryl Hove, with the help of a few other members, created a Lodge History Book celebrating the first 100 years. It originally sold for $7.50 to cover the costs of producing it. There are a few copies left in our closet at the church (they are free). Or, you can download the book in three parts below (it is 148 pages long).
The first 48 pages as a pdf file.
Pages 49-102 as a pdf file.
Pages 103-148 as a pdf file.
Our newsletters for the last several years are online and give a good idea of what our more recent programs and activities have been: Recent Newsletters.

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