Synnøve Nordkap Lodge #1-008

Materials and links to resources used: Genealogy Training Session in Cedar Falls, IA on October 22, 2013.

1 An overview of our presentation by Cathie Reasoner, together with
2 An overview of our lodge genealogical group and contacts for further help.
The document 3 Beginning Norwegian Genealogy and the charts 4 Pedigree (Ancestor) Chart, Five Generations and 5 Family Group Sheet by the Nordales. Also 6 Norwegian Research Online.
Left click on either the picture or the description to go to the site. (If the pictures are loading slowly, you can just click the description to go there.)
Presentation by Lenore Jesness on Growing Your Family Tree.
The web site 7a
Family Search, the free genealogy research site of the Mormon church.
The new Digitalarkivet, created in December 2010, and gradually evolving in 2011-13. It seems to have most or all of the features of the original site, and to be easier to use, especially for Americans.
Getting started with Norway research from the FamilySearch website.
Fred Matson's User Guide for Digitalarkivet Revised as of September 2, 2013.
This is a step by step guide with examples, based on Fred's experiences with this invaluable research tool.
Online Norwegian/American Dictionary + other links and information. Makes a very good pairing with Digitalarkivet, which is all in Norwegian after you drill down to the actual records.
The following explanations of Parish Register Headings, borrowed from the book Norwegian Research Guide by Linda Herrick and Wendy Uncapher, which is available from, are very helpful in reading the column headings from Digital Arkivet: 11 Birth and Baptism, 12 Birth and Confirmation, 13 Marriage, 14 Arrivals and Departures, Vaccinations, 15 Death and Burial.
An interactive map of Norway from National Geographic.
This map has incredible detail; try zooming in on an area of interest.
Information on county, parish and fylke maps and names from the FamilySearch website.
The web site 17
Norway List
The document 18 Norwegian Organizations and Events and Genealogy by Sheryl Hove.
19 a link to bydgelags from Susan Stow.
Sometimes it is very useful to be able to switch your keyboard to a Norwegian keyboard so that you can directly type the Norwegian special characters like ø, Ø, æ, Æ, å, and Å. The two links below show you how to do that, for Norwegian and for other languages.
You Tube tutorial on adding new keyboards.
Wikipedia article on language keyboard layouts.

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