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As time marches on, we have decided that our website needs to be refreshed. While the new site is under construction, though, you will still be able to access this old site to find the Brevet, the member directory, and the other information you have accessed in the past. We will give you plenty of notice before you must begin to use the new site and before this old site goes away for good. The new website is currently accessible, though it does not yet contain all of the information that this old site does. It is a work-in-progress, and all content will eventually be there, in what we hope you find to be a fresher, brighter, and easier to use updated format. Enjoy looking around and watching the progress. The new SynnÝve-Nordkap website can be found at:

We have an online photo album, thanks to Lynn Hoffmeyer. To see it, click here.

The Junior Lodge Peer Gynt Dancers have their own website/blog thanks to junior lodge parents Sasha Aslanian and Patrick Rhone. To see it, click here.

The museum exhibit developed by our lodge, "New Land, New Life: Norwegian Immigration to Minnesota, 1825-1925" has received rave reviews wherever it has traveled. To see the panels and read about this remarkable display, click here.

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We're the only Sons of Norway lodge in St. Paul, with around 250 members, and new members joining nearly every month. We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, usually at 7:00 PM, in Luther Hall at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, 1669 Arcade Street, St. Paul 55106 (link to map in General Info and in green Meetings/ Activities box). Guests are always welcome at our meetings and activities.

Send us an Email via the link at the left if you have questions or are interested in joining our lodge, or if you find a "dead" link from our pages. If you want to be sure to join our lodge, it is best to join through us. If you join online, make sure to enter Syknnove-Nordkap Lodge #1-008 as your preferred lodge. Either way, the dues are now $60 for an individual memberhsip and $95 for a family membership, where "family" generously includes everyone living under the same roof. You can of course, join as a at large member with no lodge affiliation, but then you will only receive the Viking Magazine and any member discounts and not our lodge newsletter of any of our mailings to our lodge members announcing items and events of interest in our area.

The international home of Sons of Norway ( is right here in the Twin Cities. For news about the other lodges in District 1, see (

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Pictures of Festival of Nations 2011, Winter Carnival parade 2011 and some older lodge events.
We meet on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, usually at 7:00PM in Luther Hall at Gustavus Adolphus Lutheran Church, 1669 Arcade Street, St. Paul 55106 (see map link at left).

Lodge activities include learning more about Norway and its culture, language, crafts, music, food, etc. (Jah, we like to eat!) Although there is usually a brief business meeting, most of our time is devoted to presentations or entertainment relating to Scandinavian culture. Some recent programs have featured Norwegian Christmas traditions, storytelling, and Norwegian music.

We sponsor the Norway food booth at the Festival of Nations each year, and host numerous local events. Click Newsletters link at left for recent issues of our newsletter to see what our lodge is doing currently. (This link is generally more up to date than Recent Activities.)

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Excellent web sites with news, links, and information; a portal to virtual Scandinavia; good places to start surfing!

History and Culture Links specializing in the history and culture of Norway and Scandinavia; Vikings, art, music, costumes, language, etc.

Travel Good information for the traveler, often including information on specific cities.

Genealogy The Internet has made researching our heritage much easier; links to get you started or to help you along, plus information on our lodge Genealogy Group. New to this page is stories from members of this group.

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